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There are all types of places to learn and practice yoga, but I am so pleased to have found Laura. She is all I hoped for a yoga teacher and more. Her aura inspires total confidence and her methodology is just what I was hoping for... It’s a small group but she manages to personalize and customize techniques to each person’s capabilities. I love the balance between the physical side of the yoga and the way Laura manages to speedily ease the ravages of stress and tension. In fact, I go to Laura as much for yoga as for meditation… something which is completely new to me and, as I’ve discovered, very necessary! Laura genuinely cares about each and every one of her students, and does all she can to increase their well-being. I definitely feel I am making progress on all fronts with Laura… Although I know I’m at the very beginning of a long road, it’s a journey I’m sure I will continue to enjoy!